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DAY 3 FINAL DAY 2020 SB20 Asian Grand Slam And Asia Pacific Championships.

9th February 2020


Nils Razmilovic

Teams arrived at the fabulous One Degree15 Marina for final day of the SB20 Asian Grand Slam and Asia Pacific Championships saw unusually light winds for the final day shoot out.


The fleet headed just after 10.00am for another day of roller coaster shifts and jojo pressure changes. PRO Jonathan Kwek sent the fleet off after a short AP into a light northerly but was seemingly overkeen as the race was abandoned at the first windward mark due to a 45 degree right hand shift.


Eventually the first race got underway with Porco Rosso taking a comanding lead only to see overnight leaders Glasgow Kiss chasing them down to take the win right on the finishing line utilising the advantage picking up pressure from behind. Team NUS 1 finished a close third having sailed a superb race. Mike Buchanan and Myles Perrin's Pocapena improved considerably on the previous days results bringing home fourth.


Race two got underway without a late left shift which was fully utilised by Team Lost Banditos who took the pin and crossed the fleet but couldn't quite find 'the spot' and gave the early lead to Ed Russo's Skin in the Game whom eventually got sucked back into the Glasgow Kiss snuk through down the last run for the win with Team NUS 1 and Porco Rosso continuing to sail a superbly consistent series bringing home third.


Pressure was left and the line was pin end favoured once again for the third and final race of the day. Team Tara with the Admiral at the helm finally found their mojo passing Porco Rosso on the final run to sail home a second place after Glasgow Kiss. Porco Rosso finished third showing that they would have been vying for the trophy if they had not missed the first day of racing.


The final standings after 11 races are as follows:

1. Glasgow Kiss (SGP)

2. Team NUS 1 (SGP)

3. X-tra Mile 2 (SGP)

4. Skin in the Game (FRA)

5. Tara (SGP)


After sailing, the teams gathered for the festive celebration of what had been a great week of racing with a total of nineteen races over five days. Once again the winner of the day was sailing in Singapore with great conditions over the week, the fabulous hosts OneDegree15 Marina and the Singapore Sailing Federation with all the organisers who did an outstanding job. 


The fleet is now looking forward to hosting the 2021 World Championships. At the ceremony the host club One Degree 15 Marina was presented with a very special gift from the Singapore SB20 Class Association - a sailing jacket signed by the previous five SB20 World Champions most of whom will be joining the World Championships in Singapore next year. The question now is who will sign it next?

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