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Shipping your boat to Singapore

​Sailors from overseas who want to sail their own boat in Singapore will need to get it shipped prior to the races. The local organising committee will both coordinate and subsidise shipping for participants, and is currently working on good deals for shipping to and from Southampton, Cascais, St. Petersburg and Hobart. To receive a quote for your shipping, please register here.


Maximum four boats and two trailers can be packed in each container. Packing responsibilities both before and after the regatta will be with the owners, while unpacking and storage prior to the regatta will be handled by competent local crew. 

For a detailed description of how to safely pack your boat, please check out this manual by Rod Jones.

Container packing manual for SB20.pdf 

To be able to coordinate shipping, all participants are encouraged to register their preferred ports for departure and arrival on the following PRE-REGISTRATION here.

If you would prefer to charter a SB20, check out the options here

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