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The SB20 Association of Singapore is the largest one-design keelboat fleet in Singapore. Partnering with Sailing Federation of Singapore, Raffles Marina and ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, we aim to bring exciting and competitive sailing for our members throughout the year.

upcoming Events

With the best sailors from all around the world gathering in Singapore, it will be a healthy exchange of tactics and culture. NTU Sailing Club is excited to be involved through our participation in national and tertiary events, and always giving our utmost contributions to the sport. 

在2021年,各国最优秀的帆船运动员将会齐聚在新加坡举办的SB20 帆船世界锦标赛,展开有建设性的技术与文化交流。新加坡特有的热带气候使帆船运动得以全年进行。南洋理工大学帆船队兴奋地期待比赛的来临并会全力以赴地训练以呈现最佳的表现。

- Nanyang Technological University  SB20-student team

ONE°15 Fun Race

06 February 2022


Nils Razmilovic Cup

12 February 2022

Asia Pacific Grand Slam 2022

17 - 20 February 

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Participants from overseas are strongly encouraged to ship their boat to Singapore. Shipping will be coordinated and subsidised by the organisers.

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Boats will be available for charter for all the upcoming regattas, at a first come first serve basis. 



ONE°15 Marina offers accommodation at special rates for the world championship sailors. Many other options are also available at Sentosa. 


Despite Worlds being cancelled in Singapore, the SB20 community here remains active and organise many races throughout the year with one of the major highlight being the Asian Pacific Grand Slam!

Please follow the regatta calendar below for updates on sailing and racing in Singapore.

Charter boats will be available for all events.

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